Choosing Good Shapewear

It is the beginning of a new year, which means it is time to set plans and goals anew. Let’s be honest. No one is complaining because we have finally left 2021 behind. Why not start the new year with enthusiasm and optimism by looking your best whenever you desire to go out. If, like everyone else during the pandemic, you have gained some weight, let those not worry you. You can start to feel like yourself again in whatever you wear with a bit of wardrobe refresh. How can you achieve this? By choosing the right shapewear.

Shapewear for every occasion

Despite what some people think, shapewear is not just limited to special occasion outfits/garments. Let 2022 be the year that you adopt shapewear in all aspects of your wardrobe. Believe it or not, there is more shapewear for clothes than that made for little black dresses and sleek ball gowns. There is shapewear for the gym too. Items like sports bras and high-waist control briefs (to offer support during a workout) are good examples.

You can wear shapewear shorts, corsets under workwear, or even tankinis to give your body a tailored look. Shapewear is the ultimate way to make everyday outfits look chic within no time. If you take some time to learn about various shapewear options, you will discover that there is shapewear for each item in your wardrobe.

The size trap

If you are choosing some new shapewear in the new year, take into consideration the size that you are buying. It is almost too easy to fall into the trap of getting the same size even when choosing different brands. Each brand has different sizes for shapewear depending on the type of garment it is meant to be worn under. Ensure that you look at the measurements carefully and compare the shapewear you want to buy to items you already have that are comfortable. This way, you will have shapewear that fits properly. If your old shapewear looks like it has stretched out a bit, it is time to get a new one. There is a misconception on shapewear is for slim women this is not true as there are many plus size models who model for shapewear.

Caring for shapewear

If this is your first time wearing shapewear, it can be somewhat tricky when it comes to laundry day. Even for people that have worn shapewear before, you may have forgotten the essentials when washing shapewear. First things first, do not overwash your shapewear. It is advisable to wear it two or three times before washing the shapewear, depending on how dirty it gets before your laundry day. Additionally, it is best to handwash your shapewear, but a machine wash is not all bad.

If you choose to machine wash your shapewear, ensure you put it in a protective bag before washing. There are netted protective bags that allow the shapewear to move freely during washing while also letting soap and water through to ensure a thorough wash. The protective layer of the bag prevents the shapewear from getting caught in the machine and getting damaged.

Ensure that you use the cold cycle and gentle cycle to keep the shapewear in good condition for longer. Never put your shapewear in the tumble dryer. Instead, hang or lay shapewear flat when drying. When storing the shapewear, do it in its natural shape to prevent it from getting stretched or misshaped.